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Why Teach in Mother Tongue?

Education is a process or set of processes to build and improve n existing Knowledge. It is the formation of concepts and perceptions based on facts.

Communication and the understanding of the medium of communication is a very important factor in the process (es) of education.

Thus the language used to teach of a very important factor in the effectiveness of teaching. 

A lot of learners don’t make the grade because they don’t understand the concepts, methods or questions of the subject matter they learn because of limitations in their proficiency in the medium of communications used to teach.

Type od Education and Development

There is an axiom that “Learning is better  than Silver and Gold.”

In all intent and purpose, this statement is a fact which has been misunderstood by policymakers of education, especially in developing countries.

Education which is the ultimate result of learning is not a process to acquire titles and jobs but one to change concepts and understanding of the elements and nature so we can be able to utilise these for our personal and collective development.

It is the ultimate ability to be able to use what one has to make life better not a process that affords one a job to be employed for hr rest of one’s life on earth which in itself does not provide much chance of development except affordability to live a life of certain but limited standard. it is the reason why we see a lot of highly educated live poor lives today whilst a few who use the power of knowledge they learnt to make it big time.

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Our Vision

Our vison is one of egalitarian Enterprise and Technical Skills development across the board for every Sierra Leone of any age with an active mind .

We believe in the concept that the Human Resource of any nation is the primary resource and greatest Economic asset.

The Curriculum

Our curriculum is planned and tailored to meet the needs of the learner and also to ensure the learner has an exposure to International concepts and standards in the area of Enterprise and Technical skills education and development.

We believe in a curriculum that can harness the primary resource and make capital of it in an environment that is convenient for the learner enough to give them the root and ability needed apply the skill learnt.

We believe in a curriculum that can stand the test of time and provide learner with the basics intellectual capacity to engage and use the skill learnt.  As a result we are more concerned about practical development than the  exam or academic development of the learner. 

Our curriculum therefore emphasises an approach that fill in the needs of International standards but more practice assed than examination assessed.

The Methods

Our methods of instructions are tailored to meet the Cultural and Linguistic needs of the learner.

We use a well researched approach that has proven that learning has to be linguistically tailored to suit the ability of the learner to build and efficiently appreciate and understand concepts taught  .

Hence we use the mother tongue of the learner.

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We educate to provide the foundations for Development and Wealth Creation


We seek the intellectual capacity building of the learner by a practice approach.


As has been stated ,our strategy is to use curriculum and instruction approach that can put the learner in a very convenient cognitive platform that relates well with the linguistic and other cultural attribues .


We promote our program by use of audio-visual strategies to capture the attention of learners on the benefits of acquiring a skill.


We do promotion by social contacts using audio visual tools to convey the relevance and effectiveness of the vision ,curriculum and methods.


The Aboulay Project’s curiculum is based on the Technical and Vocational policy of the Republic of Sierra Leone and International training standards.ice text here.

Graphics Design

Part of our Industry grade training is Graphic Designs. It is a very important part of precision training for the industry to grow in this age of Technology.


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It has survived not only five centuries, but also the leap into electronic typesetting, remaining essentially unchanged. It was popularised in the 1960s with the release of Letraset sheets containing

Become An Instructor


We encorage Sierra Leonean professionals with skills in the Technical skills and Enterprise Development to become members of the Curriculum  Development and  Instructors Team.

Let us pay back by contributing to the Development of  the most Imporant  Resource and nation has and must invest in.


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