Project Management Board

Aboulay Education Project is a not-for-profits Corporate institution that has a Board of Directors and employed management structure.

  • The Board is an elected body drawn from original Volunteer members of the Aboulay Project and representatives of Interest groups in the edicayion sector.
  • The photos of the elected Directors shall be posted soonest we get them.

Our Courses

Our Vision

Education is the most important investment that any one or society can undertake. It is an investment in the greatest resource on earth and the most important from of existence which has the potentials to make or break everything in existence.

It is also the key to make peace and progress or disorder and disaster in any social setting anywhere on earth.The Human Resource is the latent resource with the potential to think and be creative or destructive. It is the resource that has the intelligence to use all other resources to change circumstances,environments ,situations and even events as and when they do happen. 

Any investment in this resource must be done with a specific vision and purpose.That is ,to get the best out of each person so that individuals can develop what they like most and get these talents developed to profit them and society. 

This outlook demands a vision of what type of education and instruction can be used to get the best out of the learners.

With regards to type it is best visioned that any education has to be targeted to be production biased and must focus on developing skills that can trigger the innovative capacity of the learner.