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Why do we use it?

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Our Vision

Education has always been an issues of convenience of teaching and learning.

Education as described by Professional educationists is not a process but a result of processes that are continuous and which  for all intents and purposes  never ends.

As a result it cannot be confined to or defined by one approach ,medium of instruction and even communication.

As a matter of fact, the universe and Human kind are such complexes with myriad resources and platforms of and for communications that it is best that the immediate which can be easily comprehended and understood is always used when and where the need for inception of new concepts and principles.

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Overview & FAQ

What are the benefits of learning in Mother Tongue?

It allows the learner to better understand the concepts that is taught.

How do we getto learn the skills online?

The online application gives the basic content and concepts and provisions shall be made for on the spot instruction using the mother tongue of the Apprentice or Learner.

How long does it take to complete the course

Normally it takes a three year of intensive daily course .However everyone is free to determine how and when they can complete the course.

How credible are these Aboulay online courses ?

The courses are tailored around an internationally credible curriculum used on some of the best Technical and skills education systems on earth.

client say


Aboulay helps you Develop your most needed Enterprise skills with a mind set directed by Critical ,Innovative Thinking.

Konnie Moseray
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Aboulay helps you Develop your Enterprise skills directed by Critical ,Innovative Thinking.

John Kamara
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Aboulay is the best approach to Education for Self Reliance ! Aboulay helps you Develop your Enterprise skills directed by Critical ,Innovative Thinking.

Raymond Moray
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Growing our Performance Capacity

Invest in the only sustainable Resource

Get involved now!

Our Best Outstanding Qualities at Aboulay Education

We provide a sustainable approach to education and skills development . Our approach is egalitarian and cost beneficial in the long run as it caters for every talent and mind set as well as level of literacy.We ensure that all are developed according to their Learning capacity using the most effecient medium of instruction which is the nature first language of the learner.

Real Time Community

Aboulay Education is a people's system that values community interaction and exchanges in Skills Development. We value the talents and only provide the technical platform for the development of each individual Talent.

Real Time Support

At Aboulay Education every Learner matters and gets instant required attention as and when requested.


Learning is a process and Aboulay Education provides every service to ensure each stage of the process is acquired and appreciated by each Learner.

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